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Public Servants. Here When You Need Us

Public servants are the people who make public services happen. Our union represents thousands of workers in various public service jobs, and all of those jobs are essential in delivery of government services from health to housing, and government functions from issuing drivers licences to mowing the school oval. Join our members in celebrating public servants!


Public services need public servants.

The public narrative about public servants is twisted by some news media and politicians who wish to see cuts to services and public sector jobs. These people suggest the public servant is a drain on the public purse, that the private sector is far better, that “real” working people are in the private sector.
This is simply not true. The fact is that public servants, and the services they work in, are vital to having a decent and fair society. The provision of healthcare, education, and housing, a clean environment, building and maintaining safe roads and bridges, fast and effective emergency response, maintenance and publication of our history – these are the things that make a fair and safe society. These services are delivered and supported by public servants, in every community from the Gold Coast to the Torres Strait, from Mackay to Mt Isa. Public servants are workers, parents, neighbours, community members – and they are vital to making Queensland a great place to live for every person.
Queenslanders need public services, and public services need public servants.

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